MAS836: Sensor Technologies for Interactive Environments (Regular class – spring term)
MAS960: Principles of Electronic Music Controllers (Every other year – fall term)
MAS.S63 – Silicon Menagerie: From Bioinspiration to Biomimetics (Spring 2014)
4.S23: SECOND NATURE: Design of Low Power Environmental Sensors and Networks (Fall 2013)
MASS61: Emerging Technologies in Location-Aware Computing (Fall 2011)
MAS969: Building Cross Reality Applications (Spring 2009)
MAS961: Developing Applications for Sensor Networks (Fall 2005)
MAS965: Electronic Skins and Dense Sensor Networks  (Spring 2003)
MAS.500b:  Fundamentals – Intro to Electronics Module (Fall terms)
MAS.500c: Fundamentals – Intro to Applied Sensor Technology Module (Fall terms)
MAS.500d:  Fundamentals – Intro to Applied Machine Learning Module (Spring terms)
MAS.500f: Fundamentals – Intro to Applied Controls Module (Spring terms)
Special Seminar Series
Invited Seminar –“Modeling and Estimation of Uncertain Systems” by Dr. Rich Kolacinski, Draper Laboratory
Informal Seminar: Avant-Prog Rock Video Concert Series (2011 and occasionally ongoing)