Student Theses

Nan-Wei Gong Design and Applications of Inkjet-Printed Flexible Sensate Surfaces(PhD) August 2013.
Micahel Lapinski – A Platform for High-Speed Biomechanical Data Analysis using Wearable Wireless Sensors (PhD) August 2013.

Amit Zoran — Hybrid re.Assemblage Bridging Traditional Craft and Digital Design (PhD) August 2013.

Bo Morgan — A Substrate for Accountable Layered Systems (PhD) August 2013.

Brian Mayton — WristQue: A Personal Sensor Wristband for Smart Infrastructure and Control (MS) February 2013.

Nick Joliat — DoppelLab: Spatialized Data Sonification in a 3D Virtual Environment (M.Eng) February 2013.

Gershon Dublon — Beyond the Lends: Communicating Conext through Sensing, Video and Visualization (MS) September 2011.

Laurel Pardue — Expressive Re-Performance (MS) September 2011.

Rachel Bainbridge – HCI Gesture Tracking Using Wearable Passive Tags (M.Eng) September 2010.

Nan Zhao — Smart Solid-State Lighting Control (Diplom – RWTH Aachen) September 2010. 

Alexander Reben — Interactive Physical Agents for Story Gathering (MS) June 2010. 

Matthew Aldrich — Dynamic Solid State Lighting (MS) June 2010.  

Mathew Laibowitz — Creating Cohesive Video with the Narrative-Informed use of Ubiquitous Wearable and Imaging Sensor Networks (PhD) January 2010. 

Clemens Satzger — Fusion of Six-Dimensional Sensor Data Using Physics Engines (Diplom – TU München) January 2010.

Mark Feldmeier — Personalized Building Comfort Control (PhD) September 2009. 

Nan-Wei Gong — Configurable Dynamic Privacy for Pervasive Sensor Networks (MS) September 2009. 

Michael Lapinski — A Wearable, Wireless Sensor System for Sports Medicine (MS) September 2008. 

Behram Mistree — A Flexible High-Density Sensor Network (MEng) September 2008. 

Manas Mittal — Ubicorder: A Mobile Interface to Sensor Networks (MS) September 2007. 

Joshua Lifton — Dual Reality: An Emerging Medium(PhD) September 2007. 

Robert N. Jacobs — A Wireless Sensor-based Mobile Music Environment Compiled from a Graphical Language (MEng) September 2007. 

Jason LaPenta — Real-time 3-d Localization using Radar and Passive Surface Acoustic Wave Transponders (MS) August 2007. 

Ari Y. Benbasat — An Automated Framework for Power-Efficient Detection in Embedded Sensor Systems (PhD) February 2007. 

Mateusz K. Malinowski — CargoNet: Micropower Sensate Tags for Supply-Chain Management and Security (MEng) February 2007. 

Bo Morgan — Learning Commonsense Human-language Descriptions from Temporal and Spatial Sensor-network Data (MS) August 2006. 

Ryan Aylward — Sensemble: A Wireless Inertial Sensor System for Interactive Dance and Collective Motion Analysis (MS) August 2006. 

Daniel Sang Kim — Sensor Network Localization Based on Natural Phenomena (MEng) August 2006. 

Gerardo Barroeta Péerez — S.N.A.K.E.: A Dynamically Reconfigurable Artificial Sensate Skin (MS) August 2006. 

Dan Lovell — A System for Real-Time Gesture Recognition and Classification of Coordinated Motion (MEng) January 2005. 

Michael Broxton — Localization and Sensing Applications in the Pushpin Computing Network (MEng) January 2005. 

Mat Laibowitz — Parasitic Mobility for Sensate Media (MS) August 2004. 

Stacy J Morris — A Shoe-Integrated Sensor System for Wireless Gait Analysis and Real-Time Therapeutic Feedback (PhD) June 2004. 

David Merrill — FlexiGesture: An sensor-rich real-time adaptive gesture and affordance learning platform for electronic music control (MS) June 2004.  

Hongshen Ma — Capacitive Displacement Sensing for the Nanogate (MS) February 2004.  

Mark C. Feldmeier — Large Group Musical Interaction using Disposable Wireless Motion Sensors (MS) October 2002.  

Joshua H. Lifton — Pushpin Computing: a Platform for Distributed Sensor Networks (MS) September 2002.

Che King Leo — Contact and Free-Gesture Tracking for Large Interactive Surfaces (MEng) June 2002.

Laurel P. Smith — Development of An Improved Swept RF Tagging System and its Musical Applications (MEng) January 2002.

Leila Hasan — Visual Frets for a Free-Gesture Musical Interface (MEng) June 2001.

Nisha Checka — A System for Tracking and Characterizing Acoustic Impacts on Large Interactive Surfaces (MEng) May 2001.

Zoe Teegarden —Embedded Low-Power Wireless Sensor System: Design of a Software Radio Base Station (MEng) April 2001.

Christopher Yang — New Laser Rangefinder Designs for Tracking Hands Atop Large Interactive Surfaces (MEng) March 2001.

Kai-yuh Hsiao– Fast Multi-Axis Tracking of Magnetically-Resonant Passive Tags: Methods and Applications (MEng) February 2001.

Jeffrey Y. Hayashida– Unobtrusive Integration of Magnetic Generator Systems into Common Footwear (BS) June 2000.

Ara N. Knaian  A Wireless Sensor Network for Smart Roadbeds and Intelligent Transportation Systems (MEng) June 2000.

Ari Y. Benbasat — An Inertial Measurement Unit for User Interfaces (MS) September 2000.

Ari T. Adler  A Cost-Effective Portable Telemedicine Kit for Use in Developing Countries (MS) June 2000.

Phillip J. Rowe — Characterization of a Wideband Monopulse Piezoelectric Direction Finder (MEng) June 1999. 

Nathan S. Shenck  A Demonstration of Useful Electric Energy Generation from Piezoceramics in a Shoe (MS) May 1999. 

Eric Hu— Applications of Expressive Footwear (MEng) May 1999

Joshua A. Strickon  Design and HCI Applications of a Low-Cost Scanning Laser Rangefinder (MEng) January 1999. 

Clyde Jake Kendall– Parasitic Power Collection in Shoe-Mounted Devices (BS) June 1998.

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